Investment made in Herlandsfossen Kraftpark AS

In January 2022, EnergiUnion purchased approx. 25% of the shares in Herlandsfossen Kraftpark AS.

The company is planning to build a family and adventure park on Osterøy outside the city of Bergen, which is the second largest city of Norway, situated at the west coast of the country. 

The park will have a wide range of activities and content, with energy and technology as the main theme. The main target group is families with children, and the park will be marketed both at the regional, national and international market.

The plans are based on an initiative by the top management of Eviny AS to use the old power station building for public purposes, after Eviny AS built a new modern power station nearby to replace the old one. 

The old power plant building will be preserved as an important cultural monument, and will constitute an important attraction for the park.